Gendering Drugs (eBook) von Johnson, Ericka (Hrsg.)

Feminist Studies of Pharmaceuticals

Feminist Studies of Pharmaceuticals

Combines interdisciplinary feminist science studies and science and technology studies  Examines how gender can be seen in critical pharmaceutical studies

This book, by bringing together critical pharmaceutical studies and feminist technoscience studies, explores the way drugs produce sexed and/or gendered identities for those who take – or resist – them, and how feminist technoscience studies can contribute a theoretical lens with which to observe sex and gender in the pharmaceuticalization processes. Topics explored in this diverse collection include the use of hormones to delay puberty onset for trans children; HPV vaccination against cervical cancer in Sweden, the UK, Austria and Colombia; Alzheimer’s discourses; and the medication of prostate issues. Ericka Johnson has brought together an innovative and timely collection that demonstrates gender as relevant in studies of pharmaceuticals, and provides multiple examples of methodological and theoretical tools to consider gender while studying drugs.

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