Ohlert, Joseph Wolfgang: Suck It Coz I'm Broke

Bruno Gmünder Portfolio 1000

Intimate, immediate, inspirational: Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert's "Portfolio1000" is the emerging artist's visual diary. Following the huge success of his first book "Gender as a Spectrum", this photography and art book gives uncensored insights into the artist's life and work.

This photography and art book is a visual diary of Berlin-based artist Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert. It combines different media and formats in one publication, featuring self-portraits, notes, illustrations, nudes, portraits, and scribbles. The outcome is an unfiltered approach to the artist's life and work: intimate, inspirational, and immediate.
"For me, it's all about the angle. Even in the most unattractive places, I'll always find an interesting perspective. I'm always shooting in my apartment but often you can't tell. I have so much stuff so every position is different", Ohlert says.

"Portfolio1000" is a limited edition photography and art book of 1000 copies, printed on finest paper in Italy.

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Verlag: Gmünder Bruno GmbH Seiten: 48 S. Erscheinungsjahr: 2016 Ausführung: Fester Einband

ISBN: antiq9783959852104
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