Santa DRAG - Grusskarte von pabuku

pabuku - the queer paperie

 Queere Karten von Pabuku - mit Liebe & Stolz

Don’t worry! You still can believe in Santa and all the presents coming down the chimney. That’s just because Santa wants to go unrecognized during the rest of the year.

Frontside: HO HO HO Born naked, the rest is DRAG Happy Holidays!

Backside: „I thought of that while kissing Santa.“ (plus a prime black & white illustration).

Inside: Blank

Envelope: White

Size: B6 (12 × 16,9 cm / 4.72? × 6.65?)

Print: Five colours (words printed in „screaming“ neon orange)

Quality & Sustainability: White uncoated board, 300 g (Arcoprint Milk by Fedrigoni) for excellent haptic feeling. Paper used for our cards and envelopes comes from responsible sources. The print is according to the rules „Druckerzeugnisse“ of the Austrian Ecolabel. Ships in compostable transparency sleeve. Designed, printed and assembled in Austria. 

Référence: F048
Fr. 4.50
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